August of 2015, Michael Ryan- CEO of FSI partnered with International Head Judge and now FSI Vice President Darrin Robinson. Together they purchased the Intellectual Property of Fitness STAR International from Founder James Erdt and started to create their vision of what FSI should and could be.

In just over one years time, Darrin & Michael took FSI Model Search platform from 2-3 events per year to it’s 1st ever North American Tour in 2017.   FSI will be touring the USA, stopping in five cities across four states with the TheFitExpo. FSI is honoured and proud to align with TheFitExpo which attracts over 200,000 attendees & 2,500+ exhibitors to its expos across the United States.

2016 year in review included some major accomplishments:

  • Development of “My Best Self: Transformation Celebration”

A non-judged category which is quickly gaining interest across the continent as individuals look to share their story on Fitness STAR Runway.   These amazing transformational stories are not only bringing tears to the eyes of our audience, they are creating Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship opportunities from our sponsors.

  • Major Partnerships and Secured Alliances

In 2016; FSI once again formed a collaboration with Canfitpro who is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry as well as the promoter for largest Canadian fitness expos.  Together FSI and Canfitpro will be working to build a greater fitness community and presence in Western Canada via their annual Vancouver Fitness Expo.

Most importantly, a strategic 3 year partnership was signed with the legendary and most highly regarded name in fitness industry history, Jack LaLanne.  This partnership is through the 90yr old First Lady of Physical Fitness Elaine Lalanne, wife to late great Godfather of Fitness Jack Lalanne.   Elaine LaLanne will be touring with FSI to entertain and educate the FSI audience and models on what it means to be Your Best Self.

  • FS Agency: Your Fitness Modelling Resource 

Darrin and Michael are working endlessly to re-brand Fitness STAR with an emphasis on FS Agency; the entity behind supporting aspiring Fitness Models to “Be Seen! Be Scouted! Be Discovered!”  FSI has been continuing to secure greater PAID modelling opportunities for its models across all different sectors of the market.  Our talent roster has been fulfilling the needs of film/tv, commercial, and print not to mention staffing for expos, charity functions, and red carpet events.  FSI is utilizing its vast resources and resourcefulness to help build its aspiring fitness models as a brand.

Services we offer both our models and clients range from creative/design, print management, promotional, web development, social media management as well as the most valuable tool we can offer- our time.   Darrin/Michael continue to spend a lot of their time building leaders.   Their extensive background in the corporate world as well as entrepreneurial success they have both achieved provides the one thing today’s aspiring fitness models need more than anything- mentorship!

Darrin and Michael have big ambitions for FSI as they continue to build a global audience with a vision to license it’s Model Search Events in Major Cities across the country and around the globe.

Darrin Robinson

About Darrin Robinson, FSI VP

Darrin has been involved in the fitness industry for three decades, but prior to that, he was in the corporate world for ten years. At only twenty two years old, Darrin was the National Purchasing Manager of a publicly traded company, with over 3000 employees in 65 locations across North America.  Darrin enjoyed the structure and challenges of the corporate world but after transforming his own physique, his passion became the fitness industry.  Eventually an opportunity came to switch industries and that’s when he followed his passion.

Darrin has owned private fitness studios (Emerge Lifestyle and Fitness Training) for over a decade where he and his team of trainers have helped well over 2000 clients reach their fitness goals.  Darrin has worked with some of the top fitness models and competitors in the world, celebrities and some of Canada’s most influential people. Darrin was the first Associate Editor of Inside Fitness Magazine (Canada’s most popular fitness magazine) and has written fitness and nutrition articles that have been printed in various publications world wide.  Darrin brings decades of fitness industry experience and a corporate background that pertains to the growth of all four divisions of FSI.



About Michael Ryan Thibodeau, FSI CEO

Michael’s area of expertise ranges from: Economics & Finance, Marketing & Advertising, to Event Planning & Promotions.  Michael brings over 15 years experience in the Finance Sector with experience in Event Promotions from an early age of 18 when he was mentored by Canada’s leading boxing promoter Don Macdonald.   Don helped transition Michael into an entrepreneur in the world of print brokering where Michael turned a small sole proprietor business into a End-to-End Solutions Provider for major corporations marketing requirements.  In 2008 when the economy crashed; Michael saw a unique opportunity within the mortgage lending business and went on to become one of the highest selling independent agents in Southern Ontario in just his first full year in the industry.

In March of 2012, Michael’s life forever changed when he volunteered at a Fitness STAR Model Search event in his home town of Mississauga.   For the first time in Michael’s life; rather than his pursuit of wealth, he pursued his passion for empowering others and came on board Team FSI full time as a volunteer in exchange for equity stake in the business.  Knowing the time would come for raising capital, and seeking angel investors, Michael completed his Canadian Securities Course Designation, and secured a position at a boutique firm down town Toronto in 2014 where he was mentored on Corporate Restructuring, Valuations & Investments, and Capital Equity Raising.

Within three years time, Michael became 50% owner of FSI with prestigious title of Chief Executive Officer managing Operations & Sales for all four divisions.

Michael brings his diverse business development background as CEO building the right team, products, and platforms to grow FSI into a leading innovation and services firm catering to the Health & Wellness Industry.    His love for selflessly mentoring others makes him a leader in the talent development behind FS Agency and Team FSI, where he plans to pioneer new initiatives and BE the change athletes and aspiring fitness models been wanting to see evolve in the Fitness Industry.