Who are we?
UBU Social is a management system for any and all of your IG accounts- personal and/or professional.

What makes us unique?
What makes UBU Social so valuable to individuals and corporations alike is the fact that we get you REAL People! REAL Results! REAL Fast!  We do not use or buy bots aka “fake accounts” to grow your account.

Our system has taken companies Like’s and comments up over 300% and 1000% within 3 months of our service!  We have continued to prove that we can upwards of 10K New Organic Followers within 3-6 months time.
Why is IG critical to your brand development?

Social Media has become the more dominant way of conducting business, and advertising your brand! Instagram being one of the fastest-growing social media apps; offers a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to build greater online presence, and drive engagement with new potential customers increasing revenue & improving your bottom line! The world still goes by the opinion of the majority in both the real and the virtual world, therefore, you are judged by the number of likes and followers you have on your FB and IG platform forcing corporations to allocate budget towards building their social media presence.

Less-than-impressive numbers can shift the focus from you to your competition, losing you potential customers, sales and interest.

For athletes and aspiring fitness models, this may mean you are being overlooked for sponsorships, brand ambassador, and PAID modelling opportunities.


We believe in Results- not participation awards!

● @powerofketone went from 134 followers and averaging only 10-12 Likes to over 3,200 Followers and averaging over 100 Likes per post in less than 3 months time!

● @Fitness_Star – went from ~ 1K to 13.2K+ followers in ONLY 5 months of signing on!

There are no contracts with our company. You are NEVER obligated to continue our services if you do not wish to. We are confident in our results and the value we provide, which is why we don’t need to have contracts.

Monthly Service Fee = $50/week (minimum $200 commitment)

Contact UBU Social

Email: info@fitnessstar.com to help you build your online social media presence!

Telephone: 647.544.7829